Churrascaria Story

Churrasco (choo-has-koo) is a Brazilian word for Barbeque which describes a 300 year old culinary style traditionally coming from South Brazil. In the early 1900's, German and Italian immigrants settled in Southern Brazil, around an area known as the Pampas. The new settlers would gatherer to celebrate and to show their gratitude for their good fortune.

Fresh fruits and vegetables were prepared and served at a communal table along with tantalizing cuts of beef, chicken, pork and fish which was seasoned then barbecued on skewers over open fire pits by the ranchers who were known as "gauchos" (cowboys). They then carried the freshly cooked meats to the tables and sliced juicy portions off the skewers on to serving dishes and each person was free to choose from any or all of the meats.

Paulo's Churrasco Do Brasil - The Real Taste of Brasil

As the population grew, the people in the Pampas began opening restaurants based on the same traditional feasts, offering the same style food as did the gauchos, but with the added quality of European style service. The concept caught on quickly, and has now become a permanent conection to Brazilian cuisine. We are now proud to say that this style of restaurant is now available to you in Barbados at Paulo's Churrasco do Brasil in St. Lawrence Gap!